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Our Services

Air Service

VTS debuted its operation with airfreight right upon its foundation in 2003. Through all those years of operation, a team of experts in air freight has been built up and developed into full capacity of handling all kinds of goods from anywhere in the world to any destination requested. Our VTS is also can issue license and have the authority to handle air freight worldwide.

Sea Service

  • International sea Freight Forwarding
  • World Wide Door to Door delivery service
  • Sea & Warehouse consolidation box
  • We provide all freight forwarding around the world to Cambodia .

Land Service

Wherever you are & Wherever we are always keeping close with your cargo. Good operation will be brought your cargo safety to reach your destination. Transit containers via Vietnam pass through bavit border actively. Our service can help you to clear your goods in local at customs and at border by our skill sine 2003 until now. We give you the top of business in logistics.We provide a high quality service to you.

Customs Clearance Service

Costumer can obtain the most competitive rates, have their goods depart and arrived on time , but if they do not have support from our customs broker , this could cost their to lose the sale or contract for their client. VTS Believe that in order to complete all the processes, the customs broker is key to finalizing and completing the transaction. Because of these, VTS has chosen to work with the world partner who have the expertise and know ledge of what is required in their respective countries. We know ahead of time if the country permits pre-clearances, what documents are required for customs submission, and what is the average turnaround time for a release once the entry is submitted to customs. We recognized that each country is different, so having the ability to provide information for compliance and release is our strength to give to us clients.

Lumsum Service (Import and Export) Warehouse consolidate

We provide best lumsum service both import and export. VTS has access to our own contracted warehouses. We can provide bonded and non-bonded warehouse for use depending on our customer’s needs. VTS Provides many options of service: We provide the best price with consolidate at china to Cambodia . We opened the warehouse at china for all consumer can arrange the goods to consol with us. Off-loading airline pallets and sea containers, segregating , palletizing and shrink wrapping goods, trans-loading, cross-dock , storage , pick and pack, order fulfillment, labeling, etc..

All of the above services are supported by our warehouse inventory program that is provided on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis depending on the customer’s requirements.